Disability Insurance

Your income acts as the lifeline to your dreams. Whether it’s used to pay your mortgage, send your children to college or save for retirement, your income is essential. We provide one of the best form of disability income protection available through working with the leading carriers within the industry. If you are interested in learning more about disability insurance or obtaining a quote for coverage, we are here to help.

Life Insurance

Permanent or term? Human life value or set amount? Mutually owned or publicly traded company? These are all relevant questions that can be factored when purchasing life insurance. With a foundation set by our client’s goals and a clear idea of their financial standing our specialists develop a life insurance plan that is affordable and value oriented to help you protect your family without impacting other areas of your financial life.

Group Benefits

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a company is often their benefits package. Many things like health insurance, dental insurance, long term disability protection and life insurance have come to be expected by most and are often a determining factor in choosing employment. We strive to provide a rich benefits plan with minimal impact to your bottom line. We understand that customer service is the most valuable component in this arena so we review our health rates on a quarterly basis to ensure that your company is always positioned with the right products and are only a phone call away for any questions you may have.

Business Succession Planning

We understand that most business owners work for themselves in order to spend time doing what they love most. The goal of any business continuation planning we do is to provide owners and their families with a way and means of exiting their business if they are unable to work or must deal with the death of a partner. We assist with overhead expense coverage to finance the company’s bills if you are unable to work, disability and premature death buyouts, and keyman protection to help take emotions off the table if a time ever comes that requires you or a partner to leave your business.